About Us
Here you can find out a lot about us and the team behind Yefa
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At Yefa we always want to offer you the latest trends at the best prices. To this end, we constantly observe and explore all markets in the world. You will receive many of our products from us early, before they are offered by other European retailers. However, we never lose sight of the price and the service!
Yefa has been offering its customers the latest trends, gadgets and fashion from all over the world for over 5 years. During this time we have gained experience and learned a lot. Our network of suppliers grows every month. We pass all of this on to our customers.
Hard Work Pays Off
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Our online shop works across all topics. Not only do we offer the latest fashion and clothing of all kinds, but we now also have tools, pet supplies and children's toys on offer. This sets us apart from other retailers. Our goal is not to supply the world with a product category, but to help people in general. Our offer includes many products that solve everyday problems and we are proud of that!
Meet the team
We are a small team of freelance customer advisors and buyers. Of course, there are other people working behind Yefa.de, but our customers usually come into contact with the following employees.
Customer service
Customer service